More updates: The Freight Car section had 4 new cars added today. The Passenger Car section had two UP domes added.


Kalmbach Publishing gave us permission to reproduce the trackplan as drawn for Great Model Railroads 2003. I replaced the old cad drawing of the layout with this picture as it is more pleasing to the eye.


More updates: The Roster Section has two new pages. One highlights some special freight equipment on the roster, while the other page is dedicated to my love of passenger equipment modeling. Enjoy!


Oh yeah, theres a website here.... So after a LONG time without updates, Oelwein, Carol Stream, Ingalton, Byron and Dyersville pages have some new photos posted on them.


Some updates performed today. Roster shots were added and the Carol Stream and Ingalton pages were updated with some new pictures as well.


Wow... its been awhile since I've updated anything here. Work has been progressing, but I haven't been updating the layout pics, as the layout should be showing up in a magazine in the next couple months if all goes well. Once that's out, I will post some new pics. In the meantime I've been doing a lot of passenger car modeling. Check out pictures in the Roster section.


Durango/Split Rock and Ingalton pages have been updated with new pictures. There is also a new introductory photo on the home page as you probably noticed.


A post on the N-scale yahoogroups list inspired a new roster page. Check out http://www.cgwrr.com/cameracar.htm to see an N-scale on-board color video camera that works off of DCC track power.


Updated links page with a link to Daryl Kruse's N-scale Union Pacifc Layout. Daryl has included the famous Rochelle crossing on his layout which also includes some excellent modeling and great operations. (See, signing the guestbook is a good thing!)

Also updated the Roster Page and added UP Sleeper "American Flyer." This is a nice tribute to Gilbert's line of American Flyer Trains... my choice brand for pre and post war toy trains. Marshall's a Lionel fan, I'm [Mike] an American Flyer fan... go figure.

We've also reached 400 visitors as of today.


Added to Roster page:

Milwaukee Consolidation 1364

Chicago Great Western F3 114-A

Milwaukee Road Ribside Caboose 01982


I've been doing some passenger car modeling lately. I posted one car, a UP Diner, on the roster page under passenger cars. Recently completed, but no pictures to post yet are:

Northern Pacific Slumbercoaches (removed skirting and detailed Kato cars for North Coast Limited)

Santa Fe Budd cars (redecaled some Southern RR Kato budd cars we picked up cheap for the Fast Mail and Grand Canyon trains)

Union Pacific Smoothsides (see roster page for diner, also a coach, baggage car, and sleeper "American Flyer" have been detailed)


Oelwein page has been updated with pictures.


Newly added: Links page, Train Gifs page

Also added a CGW caboose to the top banner animation and updated the format of the index at the left.


Welcome to cgwrr.com!

I've been working on getting some basic pages up during the past week. As of today we have an official domain and are ready to accept visitors at www.cgwrr.com! I also added a guestbook, so please drop us a note with suggestions for the site, questions about the modeling, or even miscellaneous praise. We arn't picky = )

By the way, the "we" on this site is the father-son team of Mike and Marshall Skibbe. Marshall (father) has been modeling for most of his life, in quite a few scales. Mike (son) had trains beaten into his head since birth (first train ride at 6 months old) and decided they were kinda neat also. We've been modeling in N-scale for about 6 years now and sacrificed the previous HO layout in the basement to build the Chicago Great Western in N-scale. We also belong to NorthWest N-trak, and have been bringing a module to setups for the last 5 years or so. Marshall got so involved that he is now stuck being the club president!

The town pages are going up slowly. I am working with the pictures I have, but will try to take new, more focused pictures of the layout as I get a chance. Also, eventually the roster information will be linked to pictures and info about some of the rolling stock we have detailed and/or painted with some notes on what we used to build equipment. Hopefully this will help out some modelers out there finish some projects of there own.

-Mike Skibbe