Oelwein, IA

CGW's major yard and base of operations. There is a farm at the east end of Oelwein, and the Rock Island interchange serving a Feed Mill to the west.

This is an overview of the east end of Oelwein. The barn and farmhouse are both Laser-Kits. The MOW equipment is stored on a poorly maintained siding to the left.
Here is the tower protecting the east end of the Oelwein yard limits. It was built from an AMB Laser-Kit and painted in CGW colors. It has modest interior detailing also.
Now we move over to the west end of Oelwein. This feedmill is across the Rock Island interchange track. A CGW RS-2 is delivering a load of feed before heading back to Oelwein yard.
Here comes a brace of CGW F-units out of staging and into the west end of Oelwein. This picture is a good illustration of the drainage ditches that we have tried to add around the entire layout. Water should always have a place to run, even if it won't rain in your layout room. It adds to the authenticity of model photograaphs.