Ingalton, IL

Ovaltine Plant

Here is the main building of the Ovaltine Plant. It was built with DPM wall sections. The buildings in the foreground are out of a Kibri factory complex and the silos are built from PVC pipe.
A Chicago Great Western RS2 refuels at Ingalton. The shipping building of Ovaltine is seen in this picture. It was scratchbuilt.
Pair of covered hoppers in the yard. These were some of my first experiments with oil paints for weathering. I'm quite happy with the oils for weathering. Mineral Spirits were used to thin them out and make washes.
A higher shot of the shipping building of Ovaltine plant. The back wall is set-up for truck trailer loading, hence the zig-zag walls. This building was entirely scratch built by Marshall Skibbe.
A CGW refrigerated trailer (modified Atlas trailer) with Oddballs Decals