Here is the mostly scenic area of our layout separating the towns of Ingalton to the east and Byron to the west. It provides some running room and some great photo opportunities while trying to recreate the rolling hills of Iowa just west of the Mississippi River Crossing (which is not modeled.)

A pair of Chicago Great Western SD40's cross the triple span bridge over the Little Maquoketa River. The water is made using Enviro-Tex, a two part epoxy product. For this river, the first few layers were tinted with a few drops of paint to get a greenish tint.
Milwaukee Road Consolidation crossing the bridge over the Little Maquoketa river. Bridge was built by Marshall with Micro Engineering plate girder spans, fit to the curve and built with the super-elevation to match the super-elevated curves. Civil Engineers have too much fun with these things me thinks = ) The piers and abutments were scratchbuilt and cast to match pictures we took of the actual bridge located in Durango, IA.
CGW F's cut through the West end of Split Rock. The rocks are hydrocal castings made in Woodland Scenics molds applied over the foam insulation.
A pair of CGW SD40s coming through the east end of Split Rock.
Here is another shot of the Little Maquoketa bridge. The Milwaukee GP is a heavily detailed Atlas unit. The B&O wagontop is a Fine N Scale kit, and is one of my favorite freight cars.