Carol Stream, IL


Coal Dealer / Berghoff Brewery / Carol Stream Warehouse / Carol Stream Feed Mill and Grain Elevator

Here is the transfer warehouse in Carol Stream. It is a DPM kit with some added detailing.
Not a great photo, but here is an overview of Carol Stream looking east. That Santa Fe Fast Mail train must be lost...
CGW SD-40's race through Carol Stream. The crossing gates are by NJ International and have flashing lights installed. Our vehicles are from Classic Metal Works. Again, we have the ever important drainage features throughout this town. Note the culverts under the driveways.
Here is the back side of the Carol Stream Depot. It is a Depots by John resin structure that closely resembles a CGW station in Gretna. The CGW MOW truck is a Road Apples pick-up with MicroScale Decals on it.
Here's the bridge over the stream at the west end of town. The plate girder bridges were built in 1924 on the old stone abutments with board formed concrete extensions. This was also the time when the CGW extended the passing siding at Carol Stream west over the water, causing a need for a wider bridge structure.
Berghoff Brewery is a Period Miniatures kit that was assembled by Marshall.
Shot of the Grade crossing through Carol Stream.
Feed Mill and grain elevator as seen from aisle side. Both are Laser-Kit buildings.